Turkish Cords Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish cords, Turkey cords manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality cords from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

TEKSMART TEKSTIL DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s button, clothing supplies, ribbons, cords, elastic bands, lace, textile supplies, ribbon, textile accessories
OZIS TEKSTIL TURZ. SAN. VE TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s cords, curtain tapes, fringes, passementerie, tassels, tiebacks, trimmings, trims
ISIK PERDE RAYLARI SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s cords, light paneling, light pvc curtain rails, lightfix adhesives, lightfix application guns, lightfix polyurethane foams, lightfix sealants, lightstar flapper, paints and dyes, plasterboard accessories, profiles of light plasterboard, pvc profiles, wacker silicones, wires
OZNUR KABLO SAN. VE TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s flexible wires, cords, pvc insulated control cables, vc insulated power cables, low voltage pvc insulated armoured power cables, copper screen power cables, cables
TEKIN DAR TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Kenan TEKİN    
s elastic, elastic tape, webbing elastic, waist elastic, flat elastic, round elastic, cord, elastic cord, shoe elastic, confection elastic, buttonhole elastic, printed elastic, tape, webbing tape, suspenders, knitted elastic, narrow woven, elastics, flat elastics, round elastics, wowen tires, wowen strips, knitted tires, shoes rubbers, shoe strings, buttoned tires, trouser hangers, baby elastics, printed elastics, tutu elastics, cords, tapes, suspenders elastics, shoes elastics, elastic tapes, elastic cords, buttonhole elastics, wowen strip, knitted tire, shoes rubber, shoe string, buttoned tire, trouser hanger, baby elastic, tutu elastic, suspenders elastic, shoes elastic, wowen elastics
KORD ENDUSTRIYEL IP VE IPLIK A.S.        Türkiye         
s performance sports ropes, performance sports yarn, gut, shoelace, leather yarns, sewing thread, cords, sewing thread
SOLAR PATLAYICI SAN. A.S.        Türkiye     Busra Karaarslan    
s explosives, explosive products, explosive materials, phishing sensitive explosives, capsule sensitive explosives, electrical capsules, capsules, electroless capsules, dynamites, dynamits, emulsion explosives, electroless capsule systems, capsule systems, safety fuses, fuses, cords, safety cords, detonating cords, delay relays, explosive, explosive product, explosive material, phishing sensitive explosive, capsule sensitive explosive, electrical capsule, capsule, electroless capsule, dynamite, detonator, detonators, fuse, cord, safety fuse, detonating cord, dynamit, emulsion explosive, electroless capsule system, capsule system, safety cord, delay relay
KASIKOGLU ENERJI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mahter ALTAY    
s electrical materials, electronic materials, cables, electric cables, electrical cables, installation cables, lamps, lights, luminaires, led lamps, led lights, led luminaires, armatures, fixtures, electrical armatures, electrical fixtures, fluorescences, fluorescence armatures, fluorescence fixtures, ceiling armatures, ceiling fixtures, oval armatures, oval fixtures, latticed armatures, wires, cords, low voltage cables, insulated power cables, halogen free cable, plugs, connectors, power cables, wall lamps, apliques, bracket lamps, electrical wire, halogen free cables, plug sockets, male plugs, female plugs, clips, phone plugs, doorbells, electric terminals, plastic clips, oval latticed armatures, latticed fixtures, oval latticed fixtures, unlatticed armatures, unlatticed fixtures, oval unlatticed armatures, oval unlatticed fixtures, ceiling armatures with sensor, ceiling fixtures with sensor, wall apliques, metal projectors, halogen projectors, bells, door bells, concealed armatures, concealed fixtures, parabolic armatures, parabolic fixtures, concealed parabolic armatures, concealed parabolic fixtures, surface armatures, surface fixtures, plastic connectors, plastic electric terminals, fire warning buttons, electric plugs, electrical plugs, grounding plugs, grounding plug sockets, grounding female plugs, male pins, grounding male plugs, grounding male pins, ungrounded plugs, ungrounded male plugs, ungrounded female plugs, ungrounded male pins, ungrounded plug sockets, telephone plugs, phone jacks, wire, electrical cords
AR-EL KABLO LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mehmet AYTEMUR    
s cables, cords, plugs, power cords, silicone cables, pvc cables, signal lamps, silicone profile gaskets, silicone gaskets, gaskets, profile gaskets, silicone profile tubes, profile tubes, silicone tubes, rocker switches, terminal blocks, cable clips, cable ties, cable, cord, plug, power cord, silicone cable, pvc cable, signal lamp, silicone profile gasket, silicone gasket, gasket, profile gasket, silicone profile tube, profile tube, silicone tube, rocker switch, terminal block, cable clip, cable tie, terminal blocks
SOYLU IPLIK SAN. VE TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Sena ÖZYURT    
s rope, twine, yarn, wire, strip, cord, fiber, flax, ropes, twines, yarns, wires, strips, cords, fibers, flaxes, polyester ropes, polypropylene ropes, polyamid ropes, polyethylene ropes, monofilament ropes, braided ropes, spiral ropes, 8 strand ropes, twisted ropes, elastic cords, twisted fibrillated ropes, aramid braided ropes, aramid ropes, jute ropes, hemp ropes, sisal ropes, cotton ropes, package twines, greenhouse twines, agricultural twines, baler twines, constructer twines, pile, pile weathership, weathership, window, window profil, polypropylene yarn, polypropylene yarns, jute rope, bcf yarn, baler twine, bcf yarns, cf yarns, jumping cords, jute twines, elastic cord, cotton rope, polyester rope, twisted rope, polyethylene rope, jute twine, polished hemp twines, polypropylene rope, polyamid rope, braided rope, spiral rope, 8 strand rope, twisted fibrillated rope, aramid braided rope, aramid rope, package twine, greenhouse twine, agricultural twine, constructer twine, polished hemp twine, hemp twine, polished cotton twine, unpolished cotton twine, cf yarn, plasticmantle wire, luggage tighten strip, jumping cord, plumber's flax, waterproof buffer flax
TUR-IP TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Zeynep KARAKULLUKÇU    
s yarn, polyester yarn, bows, woven tapers, ethnic motif tapes, fantasy yarns, laces, cords, elastics, tassels, button hole elastics, poly-poly yarns, poly-cotton yarns, polyester polyester yarns, polyester cotton yarns, ribbons, satin ribbons, cotton stripes, stripes, herringbones, sewing threads, sewing accessories, yarns, polyester yarns, bow, woven taper, ethnic motif tape, fantasy yarn, lace, cord, elastic, tassel, button hole elastic, poly-poly yarn, poly-cotton yarn, polyester polyester yarn, polyester cotton yarn, ribbon, satin ribbon, cotton stripe, stripe, herringbone, sewing thread, sewing accessory
HAKSEVER DUGME VE KEMER LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ibrahim Emre Cengiz    
s textile accessories, rivets, buttons, snaps, snap systems, eyelets, metallic accessories, cardlocks, cordends, buckles, belt buckles, brass wire hooks, hooks, brass hooks, labels, logo lables, label threads, zippers, metal zippers, nylon zippers, delrin zippers, fashion rullers, rullers, snap fastening machines, button fastening machines, towel, bathrobe, beach towel, apparel, denim, snap fastener, jeans, denims, denim products, jacron, leather labels, towels, bath robes, trims, hat buckle, belt, rubber floor, rubber floor tiles, sbr, epdm, floor covering tiles, fabrics, embellishments, fringe, lace, ribbon, pleated trim, ruffle trim, lace, ribbon, tapes, cords, bias tape, chiffon, plush, tassel, fringe, fur, frill, brocade, braid, haberdashery products, sewing patch, sequin, beadwork, pearl & rhinestone attaching to fabric, button, nylon zipper, metal zipper, eyelet, buckle, hook, rivet, label, brass hook, belt buckle, zipper, textile accessory, delrin zipper, snap, ruller, snap system, metallic accessory, cardlock, cordend, brass wire hook, logo lable, label thread, fashion ruller, snap fastening machine, button fastening machine, metal logo
SEVENSAND LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İlhami İPEK    
s foreign trade services, export services, import services, automotive spare parts, gears, rubber products, plastic products, textile products, garments, home textiles, engines, engine parts, suspension parts, safety components, lighting systems, auto windshields, seats, filter, automotive spare part, gear, rubber product, plastic product, textile product, garment, home textile, engine, engine part, suspension part, safety component, lighting system, auto windshield, seat, filters, yarn, pistons, pvc profiles, special products, air filters, socks, profiles, auto parts, fabric, vehicle spare parts, rings, underwear, cylinders, quilts, cords, o-rings, oil filters, hoses, electrical equipments, brake systems, confection, fuel filters, transmission parts, textile accessories, furniture profiles, shock absorbers, gearboxes, fuel pumps, camshafts, window profiles, flywheel gear, ring gears, door profiles, u profiles, cover profiles, lamas, crankshafts, internal gears, worm gears, rear axle shafts, sun gears, clothing products, spur gears, timing gears, power trains, hydraulic and pneumatic components, chassis components and parts, drive pinion gears, rack gears, spline gears, windshield rubbers, forgings and castings, gearboxes and axles, mufflers and exhaust pipes, helical gears, chain gears, hypoid differential, crosshead gears, crosshead bearing boxes, drive pinion flanges, complete transmissions, speed changers, diverter reducers, transmission boxes, filling and scraping profiles, hinges and cabinet rubbers, bumper seals, fender profiles, hood profiles, clamp profiles, doorframes rubbers, door trunk cover sponge profiles, special epdm profiles, special sponge profiles, flock profiles, carpet, rugs, towels, bathrobes, prayer rug, rosary, skullcap, hat, caps, gloves, uniforms, aprons, work clothes, epdm profiles, special nitrile profiles, pvc, air, oil, sun, rug, hat, home, auto, part, fuel, ring, door, worm, rear, axle, spur, rack, hood, epdm, caps, work, trade, spare, parts, brake, shock, pumps, cover, power, drive, axles, pipes, chain, boxes, speed, seals, clamp, trunk, flock, export, import, rubber, safety, system, window, shafts, timing, trains, pinion, spline, hypoid, hinges, bumper, fender, sponge, carpet, towels, prayer, aprons, foreign, plastic, textile, systems, product, special, vehicle, chassis, rubbers, exhaust, helical, bearing, flanges, filling, cabinet, clothes, nitrile, services, products, textiles, lighting, flywheel, internal, clothing, forgings, castings, mufflers, complete, changers, diverter, reducers, scraping, uniforms, component, furniture, absorbers, hydraulic, pneumatic, crosshead, automotive, suspension, components, windshield, electrical, equipments, doorframes, windshields, accessories, transmission, differential, transmissions
MIDYAT PATLAYICI MADDELER A.S.        Türkiye     Bilal İLERİ    
s explosives, explosive products, explosive materials, phishing sensitive explosives, capsule sensitive explosives, electrical capsules, capsules, electroless capsules, dynamites, dynamits, emulsion explosives, electroless capsule systems, capsule systems, safety fuses, fuses, cords, safety cords, detonating cords, delay relays, explosive, explosive product, explosive material, phishing sensitive explosive, capsule sensitive explosive, electrical capsule, capsule, electroless capsule, dynamite, detonator, detonators, electric fuse head, electric fuse heads, fuse head, fuse heads
SEVTEL KABLO SAN. A.S.        Türkiye     Varol SEVİM    
s cable, cables, battery boost cable, welding cable, marine coastline, marine flat cords, marine cords, marine battery cable, marine power cable, low voltage vehicle cables, low voltage vehicle cable, low voltage battery cables, low voltage battery cable, flat cord, cord, cords, flat cords, welding cables, battery reinforcement cables